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The Rainbow Cleanse


This gentle, detoxifying cleanse is a balanced spectrum of greens, veggies & fruit. It was envisioned to add a little extra love into your daily routine by these supportive juices, without diving deep into a full-blown cleanse. This cleanse is smaller than the others and is meant to be accompanied by 1-2 light & easy to digest foods or stews.* It’s for those needing a health tune-up, newbie cleansers, and those who want to awaken your vitality and lighten your being!

Cleanse for a day for a quick refresh, 2 days for a reset, 3 days for a renovation, or 4 or more for a full reinvention of self and health!


  • Start your day with our Greens N’ Ginger first thing in the am
  • Have our Little Miss Sunshine Juice 2 hours later
  • Drink a warm broth or tea for lunch, a superfood smoothie, or a mono-meal of fruit or veggies to munch on* 
  • Sip on our Beetle Juice for some energy for an afternoon snack
  • Enjoy another warm broth or tea for dinner, or a mono-meal of fruit or veggies to munch on*
  • Enjoy our Cashew Vanilla for dessert! 
  • HOT TIP: Eat slow and chew your food till it turns into liquid. This will ensure better digestion

*Currently not included.

 All ingredients are organic.


Cashew Vanilla x1
Greens N Ginger x 1 Beetle Juice x 1 Little Miss Sunshine or Johnny 5 Alive x 1
The Rainbow Cleanse

The Rainbow Cleanse

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