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#Frequently asked questions

What is cold pressed juice?
Cold-pressed juice is the most concentrated edible form of life force energy, chlorophyll, organic water, minerals, living enzymes and vitamins that is separated from the fibers in vegetables, fruit and herbs. In this way, all nutritional benefits are easily absorbed within the body.
How long is my juice good for?
All of our products here at Juice Ranch are made fresh. Because our offerings are raw and living (not HPPed) the shelf-life of our juices are 3-5 days. We put a best by date on all of our products so please check before consuming.
How should I store my juice?
It is best and highly recommended to place your juices directly in the COLD fridge.
Why do the juices differ in taste and color from each time?
Due to working with 100% organic high quality, local ingredients through the seasons, your juice may change in color or taste. For example, strawberries are most sweet in the hotter months rather than in winter. We try to stick with produce that is peak in season for the best experience possible!
How do I prepare for a cleanse?
The best way to prepare for a cleanse is to eat clean at least three days before your fist start date. The more prepared you are, the better your cleansing experience will be. Here are some recommended changes to incorporate: ADD IN MORE: whole fruits and veggies, smoothies, salads, soups - whole gluten-free grains, cold-pressed juice, and lots of water with lemon, positive thoughts AVOID : alcohol, meat, wheat, sugar, dairy, processed foods, caffeine, soda, nicotine, fried foods, negative thoughts
What can I expect during a cleanse?
Just like we are all unique, each individual will have their own unique cleansing experience due to many factors. Some people will have zero symptoms, while others will experience multiple. These are completely normal as toxins and waste exit your body. Symptoms you may experience are… headaches, gas, bloating, mild nausea, bad breath, frequent restroom trips, skin flare ups, fatigue, constipation, irritability We highly recommend to really slow down and take care of yourself during your cleanse. This looks like going slow, listening to your body, light movement if that feels good to you, getting plenty of rest, drinking a glass of water or decaffeinated tea in between your juices, laying out in the sunshine, being in nature and BREATHING deep!
What if I am experiencing multiple detox symptoms?
A few ways to assist your body if you are feeling heavy symptoms are doing the following: Getting a colonic/enema, exfoliating/dry brushing daily, sauna/sweating, yoga/light movement, breathwork/get in nature, getting in gratitude mode/smile
How often should I cleanse?
This varies person to person. The longer you cleanse, there’s a greater chance to have a deeper, more profound overall sense of wellness. Regardless, a one-day juice cleanse will set a positive tone throughout your week; you will feel incredible from it. We suggest to start with a three-day cleanse as an entry point, a five-day cleanse for a second timer, and a ten-day cleanse for the seasonal cleanser.
How many days does a cleansing last?
We offer 1 day, 3 day, 5 day + ! There is no limit, and you are in control of how many days suits you.
Can I exercise during my cleanse?
Our rule of thumb is to always listen to your body. It is best to pace yourself during any cleanse. Some folks may feel fatigued, and simply want to rest. Others will be amazed by how much energy they have! We still recommend to take it easy and go slow. Any light movement is always safe and encouraged to get things flowing.
Do you deliver?
Yes! Upon your first delivery we provide you with a cooler bag free of charge to be used with the following delivery which is a free perk of My Freshets Club. Any bag not returned will be charged $15, but no worries, drop it off at any Juice Ranch store for a full refund!
How do I return my empty bottles?
But the used glass bottles in the cooling bag on your doorstep. We choose glass for every juice as it is recyclable and free from leaching harmful chemicals, and it is just a better experience all around. Any glass bottle not returned will be charged $15, but no worries, drop it off at any Juice Ranch store for a full refund! Our drivers will always snap photos to ensure we are counting correctly. We only charge you if the count you got doesn’t meet the count we get back.
How do I get notified when my order has arrived?
To ensure your juice does not get forgotten we will send two SMS messages; one before delivery and one after letting you know it has been dropped off. Pretty simple!