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Crackers (two types)



CULTURE CRACKER Tangy, crisp, with a touch of heat, these cultured seed crackers are amazing on their own, with your favorite plant-based cheez or the real deal! Start a new cultural trend while you surprise your guests at your next gathering! 
Ingredients: Activated Pumpkin Seeds*, alkaline water, sauerkraut*, chia seeds*, activated sunflower seeds*, lime juice*, extra virgin olive oil*, pink salt, serrano chile*, cilantro*, garlic*, onion powder* & black peppercorn*
LE FRENCHIE These crackers are a savory crisp delight with notes of Herbs de Provence! Use as a perfect vehicle for tangy cheez, your favorite dipping sauce, or enjoy on their own. Great for on the go or for your next picnic in the rose garden.
Ingredients: Alkaline water*, activated almonds*, flax meal*, nutritional yeast*, onion*, garlic*, lavender*, thyme*, oregano*, marjoram*, rosemary*, pink salt, and black peppercorn* 
All ingredients are organic*



Crackers (two types)

Crackers (two types)

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