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The Caveman Cleanse

Introducing a low-carb, keto/paleo-friendly cleanse to repair & nourish your gut!

A divine blend of local organic bone broth by Wishbone Wellbeing, fruitless green juices, and a sprouted nut or seed mylk.
Cleanse for a day for a quick refresh, 2 days for a reset, 3 days for a renovation, or 4 or more for a full reinvention of self and health!

This cleanse is great for everyone to indulge in an all liquids feast that will boost your immune system, support your gut, brain, joints, and skin.  All ingredients are organic*


  • Start your day with our Yoda Juice first thing in the am
  • Drink our celery juice 2 hours later for an in-between snack
  • Drink your warm broth for lunch
  • Drink your warm broth again for snack time/ dinner
  • Enjoy our Cashew Vanilla for dessert!

Cashew Vanilla
Unsweetened Pumpkin Seed Mylk x 1
Celery Juice x 1
The Yoda x 1 Wishbone Bone Broth x 2
The Caveman Cleanse

The Caveman Cleanse

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