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The Rainbow Cleanse

This gentle, detoxifying cleanse is a balanced spectrum of greens, veggies & fruit. It was envisioned to add a little extra love into your daily routine by these supportive juices, without diving deep into a full blown cleanse. This cleanse is smaller than the others, and is meant to be accompanied with 1-2 light & easy to digest foods or stews.* It’s for those needing a health tune-up, newbie cleansers and those who want to awaken your vitality and lighten your being!

*Currently not included.

Juices Included in This Cleanse

  • Greens N Ginger (1)
  • Little Miss Sunshine or Johnny 5 Alive (1)
  • Beetle Juice (1)
  • Cashew Vanilla (1)


Due to COVID-19 safety concerns, we are currently not taking back bottles at this time. We will however accept clean bottles in exchange for $2 per bottle once quarantine has been lifted. Thank you so much for your understanding during this time.

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